Yes, yes. This feels like a good place to start a travel blog. With the moment that one resigns to start said travel. Here is how it went down.

OK so, I had been planning this moment for MONTHS. I can’t even tell you how difficult it was to keep it a secret. I wanted to stand at the top of the highest point in Melbourne (Eureka Tower, or maybe the Dandenongs) and scream it to the world. I’M LEAVING THIS SOUL SUCKING PLACE TO SEE THE WORLD!

But that would have been wildly inappropriate and would probably have resulted in the loss of said job on the spot, from which I needed the money, to save for the travel…which I resigned from later. Is this confusing? I feel like it might be confusing.

OK, I’ll break it down for you. Made decision to leave nine months ago. Had to keep working to save enough money. Resigned four weeks from my departure date.

So the moment actually came when I was on holidays visiting family in Denmark. It was bittersweet. A weight was lifted, but the GUILT TRIP WAS REAL. I had to call my boss and tell him from half way across the world.

My manager was like BUT WHY, and I was like, BECAUSE I HATE MY LIFE. And then I had the same conversation with like four other people. Well not in so many words. The more accurate description of events is that I was offered a large raise to stay but I couldn’t imagine myself in that job, in that career, in that industry for another minute longer than I had to be. So I said “no thank you”, but really thought:

And I had plans – the well laid kind. I got through the 4 weeks and I couldn’t have run out of there faster. For updates on my travels and advice about random things in life, subscribe to my blog. I get my ideas sporadically so don’t expect any consistency whatsoever. Happy Reading!